I’m a classically trained musician and even got a bachelor’s of music performance long before I became a mathematician. I still play music, but not so much classical western stuff these days!

Gamelan Manik Kusuma group picture

The Rogue Goat

This was a really silly piece that I threw together using csound. The pitches came from Gamelan Angklung tuning, and the order of the notes actually came from a final exam question I had modeling a continuous-time Markov process with timings given by a Poisson process.

Manik Kusuma

Manik Kusuma was the gamelan ensemble that I played with when I lived in Denver. We were taught by Pak Made Lasmawan, and it was just a really fun experience. This piece is a traditional Balinese piece for gamelan angklung, and its title translates to “Frog Climbing a Banana Tree”.


I wrote this piece in my last semester of my music degree. This was the final piece of our advanced orchestration class and we got the opportunity to have our compositions read by the University of Miami Frost School of Music Orchestra.

Electric Counterpoint

This was the piece I did at my senior recital that I think I was the proudest of. I had played other ‘better’ pieces, but this one fit who I was as a musician so well at the time that I needed to do it for myself. This piece includes 10 pre-recorded tracks (all me playing), here played on soprano and bass clarinets, and should feature a live ‘solo’ version played by the musician. So this is just the 10 backing tracks.

Pictures at an Exhibition

This is the full Frost Orchestra again, but this time I’m one of the musicians. Playing Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition was one of the most fun times I had at UM, so I wanted to share the final two movements (Baba Yaga and The Great Gate of Kyiv) here.