I don’t tend to think of myself much as a programmer or coder, but I do like to make things. As such, every software project I’ve done has been to scratch an itch.


This is software originally created by Ben Young. I joined the project in summer of 2022 and we’ve been collaborating on extending its features and making it more user-accessible.

Chore Rotator

It’s somewhat simple to come up with an equal distribution of chores, but what about an equitable distribution of chores? This program gives each member of a family a certain number of ‘hatred points’ to distribute to each chore. Once that is done, you can set what percentage of the total work each person should get (great for if one partner is out of the home more, or if you have children). Then chores are randomly assigned with a higher probability if you like a given chore more (or hate it less). This gives each family member what they feel is an equal distribution of tasks. It also takes into consideration how frequently a chore needs to be done and can be re-run at any time. Monthly has worked well for us!

Gift Exchanger

My in-laws run an ‘unsecret santa’ where you get assigned one person to get a gift for, and you only get one gift. We don’t allow couples to give to each other, and people also don’t like it when they get the same people too frequently. So I wrote a piece of software that test random combinations of gift-giving following these rules, then assigns each person to one other person. We’ve been using it for four years now and there haven’t been complaints yet!

Tiling Game

Click here to try out the signed tiling game!

A signed tiling game